Local Government - Town of Treherne - Licenses & Forms
Business License
A business license costs $200.00 and is valid for one year from January 1 to December 31.

Dog License

Dog Licenses are $10.00 each and are due in April of each year. You must have proof of rabies vaccination of your pet in the last two years to receive a license. All dogs six months and over must be licensed. A limit of three dogs per residential unit. Every dog in the Town of Treherne must have a license.

Lottery License
The Town of Treherne is authorized to issue licenses to an organization based within the Town of Treherne, where the total prize value does not exceed $3000.00. License Fees are as follows:  For prize values up to $400.00 the license fee is $10.00.  For prize values from $401.00 to $3000.00 the license fee is $20.00.  By-Law #899/2012
Board of Revision
To appeal your property assessment please print the form below and submit to the Municipal Office.  The Municipality will advertise annually late summer, early fall the date of the Board of Revision and the application deadline date.   Application Form.
Electronic Fund Transfer
The Town of Treherne offers pre-authorized electronic fund transfer payments for your quarterly utility (water and sewer) bills.  To set up print off the application form and drop it off at the Municipal Office.  Application Form.
Tax Installment Payment Plan
The Town of Treherne offers a tax installment payment plan for monthly deposits towards your current taxes, allowing ratepayers smaller consecutive payments for taxes rather than a single exclusive amount, but it does offer the one-time payment as well.  Print off the application form and it drop off at the Municipal Office.  Application Form.
Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit Advance
To qualify for the Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit Advance, the property must be your principal residence and you must have occupied it as of January 1st of the current year and you must not be receiving the credit for another residence.  Applications must be filed on or before November 15th of the current year.

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