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Municipality of Norfolk Treherne
P.O. Box 30, 215 Broadway Street
Manitoba  R0G 2V0
Phone: (204) 723-2044
Fax: (204) 723-2719
Email: info@treherne.ca
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Local Government - Municipal Council

Reeve Will Eert
Ward 1 Councillors (North and South of Treherne Area): Robert Davy and Ryan Gaultier
Ward 2 Councillors (North and South of Rathwell Area): Larry Marlatt and Albert Lesage
Ward 3 Councillors (Town of Treherne): Steve Nicholson and Gilles Guertin 
Council Portfolios: 
Will Eert - Norfolk Treherne CDC, South Central Planning District, South Norfolk - Treherne Airpark, Growth & Prosperity Stakeholders Group, Central Assiniboine Watershed District - Lower Assiniboine Subdistrict

Ryan Gaultier- Central Manitoba Tourism, South Central Weed Control District Board. St Claude Vet Clinic  

Robert Davy - South Central Vet Clinic, South Norfolk - Treherne Airpark, Notre Dame Hall, Assiniboine Delta Aquifer Management Advisory Board, Growth & Prosperity Stakeholders Group

Albert Lesage - Redboine Watershed District - Lasalle Assiniboine Subdistrict, Boyne Subdistrict

Larry Marlatt - Notre Dame Rink & Recreation Commission, South Central Weed Control District Board

Gilles Guertin - South Central Planning District, Tiger Hills Healthcare Local Board, Age Friendly, Tiger Hills Transit

Steve Nicholson - Tiger Hills Recreation Commission, Treherne Museum
Contact Information:

Will Eert, Reeve: (204) 252-3469
Robert Davy, Ward 1: (204) 526-7168
Ryan Gaultier, Ward 1: (204) 745-7105
Albert Lesage, Ward 2: (204) 749-2106
Larry Marlatt, Ward 2: (204) 526-5042
Gilles Guertin, Ward 3: (204) 723-2773
Steve Nicholson, Ward 3: (204) 723-5052

Council meets the second Tuesday of every month at 9:00am. Meeting dates and times may be changed by Council as required so please check the calendar or call the Municipal Office to confirm. The public is always welcome. All delegations must book in advance through the Municipal Office. 

Municipality of Norfolk Treherne
215 Broadway Street
P.O. Box 30, Treherne, MB, R0G 2V0
Phone #: 204-723-2044, Fax #: 204-723-2719
email: info@treherne.ca