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Municipality of Norfolk Treherne
P.O. Box 30, 215 Broadway Street
Manitoba  R0G 2V0
Phone: (204) 723-2044
Fax: (204) 723-2719
Email: info@treherne.ca
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Local Government - Municipal Services
Fire Departments

The Treherne - South Norfolk Fire Department is located in Treherne and has up to 25 Volunteers. The Fire Department members host an annual Fireman's Ball in November and uses the funds from this event to purchase new equipment and gear for the Fire Department.

The Rathwell Fire Department has up to 25 volunteer members. The Fire Department members host an annual Snowmobile Poker Derby in March and use the funds from this event to purchase new equipment, building upgrades and gear for the Fire Department.

These Departments work together to provide fire protection for the Municipality of Norfolk Treherne as well as assist neighbouring Municipalities when requested.The Municipality of Norfolk Treherne provides for annual operating costs and a new equipment fund.

South Central Weed Control District

The South Central Weed Control District sprays for noxious weeds in the Municipality of Norfolk Treherne. If you have any questions regarding noxious weeds or would like your property sprayed please contact the Weed District.

The Municipality of Norfolk Treherne participate in the West Nile Virus Program. The Weed District applies mosquito larviciding in accordance with the province's cost-shared funding program. The province pays for 75% and the municipality pays for 25% of the costs to administer this program.

Treherne participates in the province's Dutch Elm Disease Management Program to protect our Elm trees.
The program assists with the cost for tree removal, pruning and basal spraying for the elm bark beetles. The basal spraying is provided by the Weed District.

Contact information:
South Central Weed District
P.O. Box 40
Holland, Manitoba R0G 0X0
Phone: (204) 526-2732

South Central Planning District

The South Central Planning District serves three municipalities in the heart of Manitoba.
All types of construction require a permit! Please contact the Development Officer to discuss your project several weeks / months before proceeding.

Building, development. demolition and zoning amendments require permit applications to be filled out, these are available at the Municipal Office or a copy can be downloaded from the Planning District's website at SCPD. The municipality's zoning by-laws and mapping can also be viewed on the Planning District's website under by-laws under Town of Treherne and Rural Municipality of South Norfolk. The maps are included within these by-laws. A new plan for the Municipality of Norfolk Treherne is currently being reviewed. If you require more information regarding a permit application please contact the Planning District.

Contact information:
South Central Planning District
P.O. Box 40
130 Broadway Street
Holland, Manitoba R0G 0X0

(204) 526-2800
(204) 526-2028

LaSalle Redboine Conservation District

The LaSalle Redboine Conservation District offers a number of beneficial programs to landowners dealing with Soil Management, Water Management and Pasture Management.

Contact information:
LaSalle Redboine Conservation District
P.O. Box 220
Holland, Manitoba R0G 0X0
Phone: (204)526-2578
Toll Free: 1-866-895-4735
Fax: (204)526-2298

Municipal Air Park

The Treherne South Norfolk Airpark is located north east of Treherne on the SE18-8-9 wpm. This airpark is primarily used for crop spraying and recreational flying. The airstrip is seal coated. No operator on site.
Ref.: N 49 39 35 W98 39 55 2NE 6° E UTC-6(5) Elev. 1169' A5007 E-16 E-17
Flight Plan: NOTAM FILE CYDN (1-866-541-4103)
Communication: tfc 123.2 5NM 4200 ASL
Caution: Trees approximately 40' to 90' high along north portion of airstrip. Lgtd tower 1700 ASL (375 AGL) 2.7NM S of A/D.