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Cottonwood Campground

Cottonwood Campground 

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BALL DIAMONDS and PLAYGROUND equipment is not sanitized and is use at your own risk.  Washroom facilities will be use at your own risk and will be cleaned regularly. 

The campground is located in Treherne, just west of Vanzile StreetClean washrooms with showers, playground structure with swings and within a close proximity to Treherne Aquatic Centre, Treherne Museum and Bottle Buildings have all added to the popularity of this campground. 

Cottonwood Campground has two areas for camping. Cottonwood Park is the area with the washrooms and playground structures. In 2013, the outside circle was updated to include 30-amp service with water and sewer. Basswood Bay was built in 2005 and provides full service with 30-amp electricity, water and sewer. Due to a storm in 2016 the cottonwood trees have been removed except for a couple along the edge of the campground.  

 Wi-Fi hot spot located by the playground at the Cottonwood Campground provided by the Municipality of Norfolk Treherne. 

2020 rates $37.00 per day, these amounts include G.S.T. plus a booking fee as per Let's Camp. 

Campground reservations may be booked starting May 1 of each year at 9:00 am to the general public. All reservations are to be made online at

The Cottonwood Campground opens the Friday before the May long weekend to the general public and closes in September weather depending. 

  • 64 Full Serviced Sites (30-amp, water and sewer) 
  • 2 Full Serviced Sites (50-amp, water and sewer) 
  • Un serviced Sites may be available, please call 204-723-2044 to inquire. 
  • Modern washrooms with Showers 
  • Playground Area 
  • Firewood available on site 
  • Heated swimming pool, separate from the campground but within walking distance. 
  • Laundromat, Gas Station, Grocery Stores, are all nearby. 
  • Golf Course - 9 holes, 2 Miles from Town 
  • Several tourist attractions and walking trails in the area 


All reservations and changes must be booked ONLINE at

Check In/Check Out: Check in time is 3:00pm and check out time is 2:00 p.m. Seasonal renters may check in once the campground opens (Friday of May Long weekend) and must check out the Saturday, September 30th, 2023.


Site Occupancy: One camping unit (tent, tent trailer, camper, camper truck, conversion van, motor home, etc.) shall be allowed on each campsite. If space allows, either one camping tent or one dining tent may be set up on the campsite.   

Examples:        1 Camper with 1 Dining Tent or 1 Camping Tent

2 Tents (1 camping tent and 1 Dining Tent or 2 Camping Tents)


Cancellations/Changes/Refunds: Guests can cancel or change their reservation and collect a full refund on your camping fees (except the cancellation/change fee set by Let’s Camp) if you make the change prior to your arrival date. Remember, if you don’t cancel your reservation or do not show up, all fees are forfeited. Refunds will not be given for Guests on or after the arrival date. Refunds can be given to seasonal renters only for certain Medical or Emergency reasons. Rent will be prorated using the current Annual Rate in effect at the time. Refund will require written proof of Emergency or Doctor’s Notice of illness to the Municipal Office. No refund will be given for the unused portion of the permit if evicted.

Parking: Absolutely no parking is allowed along the roadway. Each site is provided with adequate space for one (1) vehicle in addition to the camping unit. **Only one vehicle per site is permitted. ** All other vehicles must park in visitor parking south of Cottonwood Park along the walking path located by the baseball field. Anyone parking in such a manner as to block the driveway of a neighboring site or impeding the flow of traffic must move the vehicle IMMEDIATELY! Renter and Guests/Visitors must abide by the rules and park in designated parking areas. The Campground Manager will periodically check that parking rules are implemented. If parking rules are not being followed, guests or renters will be asked to move their vehicles. All visitors must leave the campground by 11:00 p.m.

Speed Limit/Safety: The speed limit within the campground is 15 km/hr.

Occupant’s Responsibilities: The registered occupant assumes all responsibility for the behavior of and/or damages caused by their family members and/or guests. Children must be supervised at all times. Occupants are responsible for their children’s behavior, or any children left in their care. Uncontrolled, destructive behavior will not be tolerated and may lead to eviction and/or banning from the campground. Battery-operated/electric kids’ ride on toys (with parental guidance), bicycles, and scooters are permitted. Gas-powered off-road vehicles are not permitted (ATV’s, motorbikes, side-by-sides, UTV’s, golf carts, and etc.). Each occupant is responsible for maintaining a neat and clean site. Staff will mow and trim as necessary to maintain the campground.

Campfires: Firewood is provided. Fires are only permitted within the fire pits provided. Moving fire pits is prohibited. Removal of firewood from the campground is prohibited and will be reported as theft. Please do not transport firewood to prevent the spread of Dutch Elm Disease. Fire pits are not to be used to burn garbage.  The gate to the Firewood Depot will be opened Monday to Sunday, between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. 

Unexpected Weather Conditions: If adverse weather watches have been announced for the immediate area and you would like shelter, contact the Campground Manager @ 1-431-290-2044. The evacuation area is the Treherne Community Centre, and the Campground Manager can access the building. Emergency Number is 9-1-1.

Noise/Disturbances: Please remember the proximity of your Neighbours. No excessive noise at any time. Quiet time is between the hours of 11 p.m. and 9 a.m. After 11 p.m. please turn music off and keep voices down. Any disturbance that intrudes on another camper is not permitted. This includes damaging property, fighting, screaming, playing loud music, using insulting or obscene language, intoxication, etc. All fireworks are prohibited.

Personal Injury/Property: Cottonwood Campground and the Municipality of Norfolk Treherne shall not be liable for injury to persons or for property loss/damage.

Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages may be consumed only in the permit holder’s camping unit or on his/her assigned site, and in accordance with The Liquor Control Act.

Pets: Pets are welcome and must be on a leash at all times. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. No pets allowed in any campground buildings or in/on play structures.  

Water Usage: Water is for domestic use only. Washing of vehicles, campers, etc. is not permitted in the campground. No pools, hot tubs or recreational water toys allowed.

Campground Manager: Call or Text 1-431-290-2044


Evacuation Procedure

In the event of extremely adverse weather such as High Winds, Severe Rainstorms or a Tornado Warning, the decision to voluntary evacuate is the responsibility of the people camping at the Cottonwood Campground.  


  • If adverse weather occurs and / or a weather watch has been announced, the campground manager will post the Voluntary Evacuation Information in both the ladies and men’s washrooms, a copy is to be already posted on the bulletin board.   
  • If campers are requesting shelter the manager is to immediately post the Evacuation Notice on the outside of their camper door and in both the ladies and men’s washrooms.  The blue doors (southeast end of building) at the hall will be opened by the campground Manager and the lights turned on.  Hall washrooms will be accessible.
  • Manager should take first aid kit to the Hall with them.  It is to include a flashlight in case of a power outage.
  • If the Hall is used, the campground manager must report this to the Municipal Office.  Most likely this will be after hours on the weekend so leaving a message on a recorded device is sufficient.  Arrangements for cleaning will be arranged by Municipal Staff if necessary.
  • If assistance is required call the Chief Administrative Officer.  If not able to reach, then call the Operations Manager.
  • In the event of evacuation, the Campground Manager is to keep track of their time and submit the time from the start of the evacuation until everyone returns to the campground.



Telephone Numbers:

Emergency Services – 9-1-1

Campground Manager – Cell: (431) 290-2044

CAO – Jackie Clayton – Cell: (204) 652-7047, W: (204) 723-2044

Emergency Coordinator – Clint Cannon – C: (204) 871-1070

Operations Manager - Jacee Frizzley– C: (204) 723-0994

Minor Athletics- Glen Lounsbury – H: (204) 204-526-7460, W: (204) 723-2000


If additional volunteers are needed, Council will be called unless the Emergency Command Center has been opened.



In the event of extremely adverse weather such as High Winds, Severe Rainstorms or a Tornado Warning, if you as a camper at the Cottonwood Campground do not feel safe and would like shelter to follow these procedures.  

  • Contact the campground manager at 431-290-2044.  The manager will make the decision to open the Community Hall.
  • Once confirmation that the Hall will be opened, if time allows campers requesting shelter should gather medication, water, flashlight, blankets, snacks or any other items that you feel are necessary and can carry.  
  • Vehicles will not be permitted inside the building and must not be parked in front of any doors to the facility. 
  • If the decision has been made to open the Community Hall campers should put a note on their door window or closest window to the door that they have gone to the Hall, home, friends or relatives house etc...   The Hall is located North and East of the Campground, follow dirt road on West side of Cottonwood Park North to the Arena.

Don’t move firewood! As the public prepares for summer camping, everyone is reminded to not move firewood and to purchase firewood as close to your camping destination as possible. Many forests invasive species can travel in firewood hidden under the bark. 

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