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Municipality of Norfolk Treherne


November 1, 2023


Water Quality Update Treherne/Rathwell

In our last update of May 2023 we identified that there were still some issues regarding the discoloration of the water in some areas of the Treherne distribution system. The Municipality has followed up with the recommendations of J.R. Cousins and four flushes were done through the summer months which appears to have improved the quality of the water according to some feedback received. 


The Rathwell system required repairs on the reservoir which brought the system down to half-capacity.  In order to protect the community from having the reservoir level reduced to the point where a boil water advisory would be issued, the treated bulk system was shut down until the repairs could be completed and the reservoir used to its full capacity. The system has now been functional since September 2023.


Drainage and Irrigation

The Municipality processed thirteen drainage and irrigation applications in the last five months.  With the assistance of Webber Ag & Municipal Sales Inc., twelve of these applications were approved and one was deferred to the Province due to major concerns of land erosion. This simplified process is working very well.


Norfolk Treherne Community Development Corporation

Kayla Beam was hired as the new Community Development Officer and started her duties in late June 2023. Her position is shared between the Municipality and the CDC.  As a matter of interest the CDC made two grant applications under the Building Sustainable Communities Program and secured some funding for a signage project and Trail building project.


Strategic Plan

This is work in progress by Scatliff Miller Murray. Surveys have been made available to residents of the municipality and the information gathered is now being reviewed to prepare a report for Council.


Municipal Grants

Council has approved grants to M.I.L.E.S for Seniors, Rathwell Hall, Notre Dame Hall & Arena, Treherne Aquatic Centre, Ronald McDonald House, Treherne Hospital Staff, Treherne Ag Society and several local Cemetary Boards this year.


Provincial Funding

A grant application was submitted in the amount of $450,000 to the Province of Manitoba for funding under the Municipal Economic Development Infrastructure Program. The Municipality is still waiting to find out if the application was successful. The Municipality also received an additional $135,000 in funding from the Province to support strategic insfrastructure projects within the municipality.


The Province also established a Disaster Financial Asistance (DFA) program for the  2023 freshet.   The expenses to damages and repairs costs are being tabulated and submitted as required.


Other Matters

  • The Wind Project is progressing well and the Municipality has met with the Economic Development Board Secretariat and Manitoba Hydro
  • A lot of work has been done at both Transfer Stations to meet with the Provincial regulations. Once again we ask the public to Recycle to keep the cost down for the operation of the Stations.
  • The Council has had occasion to meet with elected MP Brandon Leslie of Portage Lisgar.   A presentation was also made to Minister Klein (previously Minister of Environment and Climate). The presentation focused on the Wind Project.
  • The Municipality has recently purchased a brush cutter. This new piece of equipment is working well and has already paid for itself.
  • The Municipality has disposed of some surplus equipment, including the Rathwell Garage. 
  • The request to borrow money to replace the Rathwell Fire Truck has been approved by the Municipal Board.  The Council has also approved the funding for a new Municipal Grader.
  • Councillor Jackie Jenkinson was elected in Ward 1 to fill the vacancy due to the resignation of Jacee Frizzley.
  • Utility rate studies have been prepared for both the Rathwell and Treherne Utilities.   The purpose of the studies is to ensure that the utilities operate only with the money they raise through water and sewer bills. The studies have been submitted to the Public Utilities Board (PUB) for review and an increase in the rates will be coming.  The PUB will advertise the rates and set a hearing date for customers to attend.


Prepared by:

Reeve Gilles Guertin       Deputy Reeve Ryan Gaultier                   Councillor Gary Wilson

Councillor Tom Isford     Councillor Shawn Jackson                       Councillor Aaron Knibbs

Councillor Jackie Jenkinson