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Post Office

On the east side of the Boyne River, a post office was established called "Treherne" after George Treherne who was living in the house/post office combination that was quite common at the time. Then in 1886 the post office was moved to the new town site that sprang up after the railroad came in.

On October 1st, 1893 the post office was placed in the W. H. Rogers store until the 31st of December, 1898. Then in 1899 Peter Helselwood set up the post office in the Parker Block, on the corner of Griffin and Railway Avenue.

On October 27, 1941 Lawrence Edison Staples became the post master and moved his office to the back of the drug store. Gertrude Elva Ball assumed the role of acting post master when Lawrence Staples joined the Canadian Army on October 27, 1941. Lawrence Staples then returned back to the post office on February 24, 1945 when he was discharged from the army. In 1958 Mr. Staples built a new post office on Broadway Street and that is where the people of Treherne still collect their mail.

When the Treherne district's three rural mail route was started is not known, or who the early mail men where but some of the mail men where: Mr. Pritchard, Mr. J. H. Smith, Clarence Earle, Mrs. Myrtle Earle and William Earle. This service was discontinued in the early 1980s.

These people performed a great service to the rural areas, not only by bringing mail but many a time a passenger or something important from town. They also were like a rural taxi service by taking people back and forth on their routes. They had all kinds of roads and weather to contend with while upholding the old adage "the mail must go through."